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The day the mountain weeps with molten fury, a pure blood shall cause a strengthening of bonds and a time of serenity

The continent of TreLeLa is the main body of land on the planet of Clao. It lies in the Prime Material Plane. It is a war torn place that has not known peace in a long time. No mortal alive today has know a peace that has come from a stable kingdom. It is the time of the “Interregnum” or time between reigns. The landscape is littered with ruins of an empire that once held the world under its powerful control and maintained the flow of Planer Energies. There is a Prophecy that tells of a great one of pure blood that will restore the bonds of Plains and bring about a time of serenity and peace.

For now though the land is covered with warring clans and small fiefdoms each trying to carve out a place to control in the orderless landscape. A few groups have a reach that nearly spans the length and breadth of the land. Some of them benevolent but most are trying to achieve their own secret goals.

There is a economy of sorts the land is rich in minerals and ore. The great forests seem to have no end. Great mountain ranges with active volcanoes and snow capped peaks that kiss the sky dominate the the spine of the continent. With great valleys and endless grass filled plains on either side of the range. Great rivers and inland seas create natural boundaries between the different regions. Though it is not the land you must worry about there are monsters and nefarious elements all over and only a few bastions of civilization still maintain order inside their walls.

So how will you affect this world? Will you be the force of good that brings order or will you only benefit yourselves in the chaos that is…
The Land of TreLeLa

The Land of Trelela

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