The Land of Trelela

The Story so Far
The news of whats happening leading up to our story

Trouble in North Barrow

The Blood of the Promised have been frantic in their activities as of late. They have seemed to found a old text detailing some crypts of the Followers. They have overstretched themselves trying to gain access to them. They have been invading and enslaving all the low country towns and villages. The commanding chapter of The Blood of the Promised in North Barrow has issued a fatwa demanding all that fallow their creed must do all they can to complete the task no matter the cost.

The Children of the Light

The Children of the Light have been calm as of late. They have been maintaining their hold on the mountains and valleys in the North. In their kingdoms they are continuing their quest to reunite Trelela under one banner. The clashes between them and the Sisters of Power have calmed at the moment but there is a vitreal hatred for each other they only a fool could miss

The Sisters of Power

The Sisters of Power Have started there search for new gifted ones and continue the crusade for false prophets. The have recently captured a man who was leading a movement to take over the land. His power was great but he was over come by the numbers of Sisters that were able to capture him and cut off his access to the planer energies.

The rest of Trelela

The rest of the land is still in constant flux. No one group has been able to maintain hold of power for very long. The peoples of Trelela are fed up and restless what they crave is stability and they are willing to give up anything to anyone just to have peace and no more war. The mysterious group known only as The Way rear their heads again to fight evil and restore justice as only they see fit. Watch out for those that will disrupt order to further their own version of fairness.

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